cursor by thetremblingofmyhand the stuff of legend

"McGee told me to give this to you when I saw you."

"Femme…Glow?" Ziva asked, with an eyebrow raised. He handed the pump bottle to her. "Apply twice a day," she read from the instructions. "We guarantee your stretch marks will disappear…" She looked up at him in alarm. "YOU TOLD HIM?"

"Actually I think it was Abby…" Tony stammered, edging away from her in his seat.

"How does Abby know?!" she demanded. "And don’t tell me she just ‘heard it through the fruit vine’." He opened his mouth to answer, or to correct her, but no sound came out. 

"You are asking for a death sentence, DiNozzo." She hurled the bottle at him and walked as briskly as she could to the lab, after reading something on some stupid baby blog that said running was bad for the baby. He caught it in one hand. 

"So…should I give McGee his feminine glow back?"
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